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Grid Filtering

On any page with a grid of items, the grid can be filtered to narrow down the data to exactly what you are looking for.

View List

A View is a predefined set of filters that can be easily applied to the current list.

The view list contains any public views (predefined views available to every user) as well as your own custom views that you can create.

Custom Filters

You can filter on any combination of columns by using the filter box at the top of each.

The default filter type is Contains. If you want to filter using another method, click on the funnel button to the right of the input box and you will see a list of filter options.


To quickly remove all filters, use the Clear Current Filter(s) button next to the view list.

Save a Filter

You can save an combination of filters as a view for future use by clicking Save Current Filter(s) once you have applied a filter.

You will be able to name the view and once saved it will appear in the View list under the Mine section.