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This section allows you to see all of your current SecurEnvoy licence keys.

What is a Licence?

A licence is the technical implementation of a subscription. It will usually have a key or licence file that should be applied to our software in order to give you the agreed access.

Licences are associated with a subscription, a subscription will generally have one or more licences associated with it.

Organisation Licences

This tab lists all of the licences that are assigned to your organisation.

Clicking on the View button next to each licence will allow you to see the licence key associated with that licence.

Some licence keys are a file rather than a character string. In this case, there will be a button to download the file instead of displaying the key.


If you do not see a view button, this means that you do not have permission to view the licence key.


Use the copy button to quickly copy the licence key to your clipboard.

Trial Licences

This tab lists any SecurEnvoy trial licences that you have requested.


Trial licences are not currently available through the portal, this functionality will be enabled in the future.