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This section allows you to see all of your SecurEnvoy subscriptions.

What is a Subscription?

A subscription is time-limited access to one or more of our software products for a specified number of users/endpoints.

Your SecurEnvoy subscription will have a start and end date, along with details of the products/quantities that you are allowed access to.

The technical details of the subscription are contained in one or more licences. This is what you will apply to your software to allow access.

Activate a Subscription

You must activate any new subscriptions before you can see any licences associated with it.

If you have a subscription activation link, clicking on this will take you straight to the activation page.


If you do not have an existing account, you will need to create one as part of the activation process. You can get help with this in the Create An Account section.

Otherwise, you can activate a subscription by clicking Activate Subscription on the main subscription page.

Once you are on the activation page, you will be shown the following details about the subscription you are about to activate:

Start and End Date

These are the dates that your subscription will start and end. If the current date is earlier than the start date, you will not be able to see any licence information.

Products and Quantities

These are the products and quantities that you have ordered. Please double check these to make sure the details are as expected.

Discount Information

We sometimes offer discounts for certain types of company, based on the sector they operate in. If you have received any discount on your order, this will be shown here. You will need to confirm that your SecurEnvoy authorised partner has made you aware of this discount.

EULA Agreement

You must read and agree to our End User Licence Agreement terms before you are able to activate your subscription.

Once you have checked all of the above information, clicking confirm will activate your subscription and take you to the licences section. Details of this section can be found here

List of Subscriptions

This is a list of all your current and past subscriptions that you have had with SecurEnvoy. You can see the details of each subscription and there will also be a button to show you the licence for each subscription.

If you have a subscription to multiple product groups (e.g. MFA and DLP), you will see a subscription for each product group here.

Active Subscriptions

These are all of your subscriptions that are currently active.

Previous Subscriptions

These are all of your subscriptions that have either expired or been superceded by newer subscriptions.