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View Account

This page lets you see the full details of an account.


The below tabs will only be available to you if you have the relevant permissions.


These are a list of quick actions that you may want to perform for the current account.

Account Details

These are the main details of the account. You can click on the Reseller or Distributor to view those accounts in a similar manner.


Any quotes created for the account are shown here. Clicking on a quote will show you the full details.


Any orders for the account, either completed or in-progress, are shown here. Clicking on an order will show you the full details.


Any subscriptions that the account has are shown here. You can see the start and finish dates and the details of all products included in the subscription.


Any active licences for the account are shown here.

Hardware Items

Any hardware items (such as hardware tokens) that the account has purchased are shown here.


Any forms submitted for the account (such as a GEMCO discount form) are shown here.

Software Versions

Shows the version number of any software that the account is using.


Not all products have this feature enabled. Older versions of some products will also not be shown.


This is a list of all users that are assigned to the account. Clicking on a user will allow you to manage that user, assuming you have the required permissions.

Associated users are also shown. These are users that have been associated with this account in addition to their main account. These could be users of a sub company or second site for example.