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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we have one account/generic email address for the login per team in case someone is out of office?

We can't use group emails as MFA needs to be deployed on each individual for transparency and due to different permissions set for each portal user. However, the invoice/certificate links won't be sent to the individuals. You can set a dedicated email address for it for instance (for instance renewal@ or keys@).

Can I change my password or my MFA method?

Yes, you can reset your password and you can choose between SMS and our App at any time. Simply follow the steps here.

We need to add a user for the Partner Portal. What do I need to do?

Additional user accounts for your organisation can either be created by SecurEnvoy or by a member of your own company that already has access to the portal. Therefore, please reach out to directly to your partner manager at SecurEnvoy / e-mail or speak to the your portal admin of your organisation. If you are the admin, please find the important steps to follow here.


How long are quotes valid and what happens if we receive the PO afterwards?

Quotes are only valid for 30 days as prices might change in the meantime. However, when the PO wants to be added after these 30 days we have the option to re-quote the quotes without the need to create a new one. If the quote does not match the PO, please create a new quote against the PO as they have to match in order to be processed.

I have a new customer which is entitled for GEMCO discount - What is the process here?

If you create a quote in the partner portal for a new customer, and they require GEMCO discount, a link is added to the quote, to send to the end user to complete the form via the partner portal.

What if I cannot find the account in the list when trying to create a quote?

That normally means that is not registered by us yet. Please fill out the Deal Reg, accessible via our website English Link / German Link or on the portal under Deals > Register Deal. Once approved by our team you get an email and then you can create quotes under the account in the portal.

I have a special quote request (eg. special pricing or special subscription period, such as 4- or 5-years subscription period). What do I do?

Please get in touch with your partner manager at SecurEnvoy and they will be able to assist.

We are trying to process a standard renewal order; do we now need to create a quote for it first?

If it is a renewal order without an upgrade, you do not need to create a quote as our system has already created one for you. Please upload your PO against the renewal as normal and when it matches it will be processed by our accounts team.

I have made a mistake or want to create an alternative quote for the same account, do I need to start from the beginning?

No, you can go to Quotes > View Quotes, find the quote you want to change and click on the small arrow next the View button of that specific quote. You now have the option to Clone / Re-Quote. When the Quote Details have opened select "Use this Quote" if you want to overwrite your previous quote or select "Keep Existing Details" in case you want to create an additional quote for this account. You can now change the subscription periods, the quantity of licenses, add GEMCO, etc.

Order Processing

Do we have to keep checking the portal to see the process of the order processing?

No, you will get send an email/notification with the invoice and licence certificate attached.

What is the process of delivering license certificates?

Once the PO is approved by our accounts team and the invoice is created, the invoice will be sent to an email address that you can choose (for instance renewals@ or keys@). It is not sent to the individuals that create the quotes or submit the POs against that.


What do I need to do if I come across a problem?

Please speak with your partner manager at SecurEnvoy or email and will take care of your matter.